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Shoulder Arthroscopy

  • Flash Presentation of normal shoulder arthroscopy

  • Arthroscopic Anatomy

  • Shoulder Arthroscopy Skills Tests

  • Advances in Shoulder Arthroscopy

  • Links:

  • www.shoulderdoc.co.uk/education - lots of information and videos of shoulder arthroscopy, including normal anatomical variants, nomenclature and procedures


    1. Subacromial decompression

    2. Acromioclavicular joint excision

    3. Debridement / repair of partial or full thickness cuff tears

    4. Evaluation and treatment of instability

    5. Biceps tendon debridement / repair e.g. SLAP

    6. Evaluation / treatment of labral tears

    7. Evaluation / treatment osteochondral lesions

    8. Treatment of calcific tendinitis

    9. Treatment of frozen shoulder

    10. Removal of loose bodies

    11. Debridement / drainage of shoulder joint infection

    12. Evaluation, biopsy, synovectomy of inflammatory conditions



    Lateral decubitus position

    • Traction of 5-10 lbs. or just enough to counter balance the arm

    • Care not to overdistract as10-30% incidence of transient nerve palsies with use of excessive traction

    Beachchair position

    • Neuropraxia almost eliminated in this position and easier to convert to an open procedure

    Mark landmarks

    To control bleeding

    • Arthroscopic pump

    • Adrenaline 1ml 1:1000 / 2L bag

    • Hypotensive anaesthesia

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