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Meniscal Special Tests

Numerous rotation tests for meniscal pathology have been described- all have the common purpose of trapping abnormally mobile or torn fragments of menisci between the joint surfaces, causing pain or clicking.

McMurray Test

( McMurray, TP: "The Semilunar Cartilages" Br J Surg 29: 407, 1941 )
- intended to diagnose lesions of the posterior horn of the meniscus
Pt supine, hip flexed 90 o and knee flexed more than 90 o . For examining the R knee, the examiner stands to the pts R side with L hand on the knee and R hand holding the foot. The foot is taken from a position of abduction and ER to one of adduction and IR- this is repeated for various angles bw full flexion and 90 o - trapping of damaged meniscus is felt as a clunk by the fingers on the jt line

Steinmann Test

( Ricklin etal, " Meniscal lesions: Problems of clinical diagnosis , arthrography and therapy", Grune and Stratton, Orlando, FL, 1971)
Pt seated and with knee hanging loose over the edge of the table- knee flexed at least 90 o , foot grasped and tibia is sharply rotated into IR then ER- a meniscal lesion is demonstrated by pain at the appropriate jt line

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