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Orthoteers - India - For trainees of South Indian States.

Orthoteers.com provides merit based free subscriptions to postgraduate trainees of India. This is done through the State Orthopaedic Associations. It was successfully implemented through Karnataka State Orthopaedic Association last year and will be rolled out to the other Associations on request.
Free subscriptions were awarded for merit students and award winners at the KOACON -2008 held at Mercara in February 2008. It has generated a good response from many postgraduate students. Orthoteers will be providing similar subscriptions during this academic year also.

The postgraduate trainees of Karnataka can avail this opportunity through the KOACON-2009 Conference committee. The KOACON Committee will scrutinise applications and recommend the   meritorious trainees to Orthoteers.com. One year's free subscription will be provided to a limited number of the recommended trainees at the discretion of Orthoteers subsequent renewals will be based on the activity and career progression of the applicant.

Othoteers.com is planning to start a subsection "Orthoteers - India" very soon.  This will be structured to meet the demands of the orthopaedic trainees and surgeons of the subcontinent. Much emphasis will be given to the information relating to academic progress of the trainees and young surgeons. Some of the highlights would be:

• Details of undergraduate and postgraduate training In India - for aspiring Orthopods
• Question Bank based on the Postgraduate Medical examination in India
• Database of the courses, events and conferences being held in India
• Database of fellowships and training programmes in India
Those who are interested can send in their CV including a brief summary of their interest and their expected role in any of the subsections in which they are interested to be associated with.

Contact:       india@orthoteers.com

      Prof. Len Funk
      Dr. Deepak Shivanna
      Dr. Mahesh Reddy

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