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Orthoteers News January 2011


Welcome to 2011. We hope you all welcomed in the New Year with style. The Orthoteers website has grown to become one of the biggest online repositories of Orthopaedic information on the web. Thanks to the support of our editors  Orthoteers has made significant improvements and investments over the past year. As a non-profit site subscriptions have enabled us to add a video gallery, 3D anatomical illustrations and many new sections.


The video gallery has launched with numerous clinical examination videos. These videos are performed by medical students, supervised by subspecialists in each area of Orthopaedics. More videos are being added monthly.


Orthoteers continues to be extremely popular and we have over 1,000 regular members and growing. The subscriptions have been necessary to keep the site afloat. However, we do keep the fees as low as possible.


Clinical Examination Course  - No future dates set for this course - Please check back for updates 

Muscoskeletal Examination Course  - No future dates set for this course - Please check backf or updates 

Basic Trauma Skills Course - No future dates set for this course - Please check back for updates

Shoulderscan - Informaion on dates for 2011 will be available soon. Please visit www.shoulderscan.com for more information.

You can find more information on our courses on the Orthoteers website otherwise you can email Sarah at enquiries@orthoteers.com


Thanks to the contributions of our regular editors, Amit Gupta, Jim Carmichael, Dusch Atkinson and Lennard Funk the site has managed to keep up-to-date and new material is added weekly. As well as Dr Gulraj Matharu who contributesd to the Junior Orthoteers website. 
We are on the lookout for more editors and welcome Orthopaedic surgeons of all levels to join our editorial board. For more information on becoming an Orthoteers Editor please email Sarah O'Donnell at enquiries@orthoteers.com


© 2011 Orthoteers.co.uk Website by Regency Medical Marketing 
Biomet supporting orthoteersOrthoteers is a non-profit educational resource. Click here for more details
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Orthoteers News January 2011
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