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Previous updates to Orthoteers

Updates in 2007

Many thanks to all our members for visiting the site so frequently and contributing to the Image Gallery.

The Orthoteers website will be undergoing a massive upgrade, with many new features for 2007.
The aims of the upgrade will be:
1. To make the site more search engine friendly
2. improve the login system to allow machines to access the site with cookies blocked
3. remove framesets and make the layout more robust
4. install new features (below)
5. upgrade the existing features of the site
6. Special benefits to members contributing to the Image Gallery

Site Navigation

The navigation for the site will be enhanced to include a 'breadcrumb' trail so that you can quickly jump back to parent sections when navigating in subsections of the site (similar to the section trail links in the CMS). Also, there will be a list of 'related articles' which will be generated using a new feature of the CMS that will allow you to link one or more articles to others.

In addition to this, there will be a bookmark list which you can use to save your favourite pages. Each page will also have a 'link to this page' button on it, so you can get the html code to link to the page that you are currently viewing.

Upgraded Members Features

The login system for Orthoteers will be changed to use a URL based tracking system, so it will work fine for people who have their cookies blocked by antivirus programs like Norton internet security.

The forum on Orthoteers is not well used. This will be upgraded to a better, more feature rich version which works via email also. The front page of the site will also include a box which shows the latest posts in the forum which will entice people into looking at the forum. There will also be a facility for non members to post on the forum.

Image Gallery

The image gallery will be made more feature rich, and include a flash lightbox so you can view the thumbnails for a section more easily, this will also look a great deal better than the current gallery.

We will also be adding the ability for members to create their own teaching slideshows using images from the gallery.

RSS feeds

RSS feeds will be quickly be installed on the site to allow people to use newsreaders to access the latest information.


We propose to add a new podcasts section. This will be quite similar to the image gallery in that members can upload their own podcasts, and other members can download them. Non members will not have access to the podcasts but will be able to see what podcasts have been uploaded to the site.

Front end design

The new design for the front end will use modern web scripting techniques and be built using XHTML for maximum accessibility.

Mobile Version

With the advent of 3G and WiFi connectivity of mobile phones and devices, we will create a specific mirrored Orthoteers especially for mobile devices. This mirrored domain will contain the same information as the same site, but the layout of the pages will not contain large images or top navigation, but an index page on the front made mainly of links so you can view all the information on the screen at once.

New articles and updates in 2006

1. Many new question and answer pages have been added to the Orthoteers main section (thanks to the FirstOrth group of trainees)

2. The section on Total Hip Replacement has been updated and revamped, thanks to Mr Zafar Naqui


Elective Orthopaedics

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