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Your Slideshows

You can create slideshow presentation using the orthoteers slideshow creator. To create a slideshow, you must load the images you want in your slideshow into your lightbox (see 'Your lightbox' in the help section for details on how to do this).

Once you have all the images you want in your lightbox, you should then click on the button at the top of your image menu labelled 'Slideshows'. This will bring up the list of slideshows that you have created.

Creating new slideshows

To create a new slideshow, go to the slideshows page by clicking on 'image gallery' on the top navigation then click on the button that says 'View Slideshows'. Note, you need to be logged in to be able to access your slideshows. At the bottom of your list of slideshows that you have created, there is a button labelled 'Create new slideshow' - click on this to open up the new slideshow properties screen. Enter the details of the slideshow and click 'Save Slideshow'. This will then create the slideshow and add its name to your list. To add images to the slideshow, click on it's name in the left hand menu.

Editing slideshows

To edit a slideshow, go to the slideshow menu as described above, and click on the slideshow name. This will bring up the slideshow details in the main area of the screen. Using this screen, you can add or remove images, change the captions and set other options for the images in the slideshow.

Deleteing slideshows

You can delete slideshows by clicking on the name of the slideshow, and then in the details screen, click on the button labelled 'Remove slideshow' - note if you remove a slideshow, you will also lose all the captions for images in the slideshow, however the images in your lightbox will be unaffected.

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